Product Development Manager

Dovre produces high quality cast iron wood Stoves and Fireplaces; Ferleon offers high-end cast iron gas barbecues and cookware.

As a Product Development Manager, you lead both Dovre & Ferleon products’ portfolio development from A to Z. Together with
the sales department and through an in-depth understanding of the market and competition, you identify how to make existing products’ lines evolving and
create new international “Top Sellers”. Your structured and steady pace approach of projects and sense of urgency are both communicative.

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The Function in a nutshell:

·         Full responsibility of products development, from concept until effective market availability, within the defined deadlines

·         Uncover and understand consumers/market’s needs and translate them into products requirements

·         Coordinate both external (ie design offices, contractors) & internal teams (engineers, purchase, quality assurance and operations). Ensure requirements are fully understand development plans that match expectations and (international) mandatory standards

·         Follow competitors and conduct capability analysis regularly

·         Manage the product portfolio according to market needs

·         Provide training on how to use the products

·         Answer incoming questions about the products and their capabilities

·         Assess and address technical risks

·         Coordinate beta tests

·         Define success criteria for testing and product acceptance

·         Facilitate the creation and maintenance of proper product documentation

Your Profile:

·         You hold a master degree. An engineering degree is an asset

·         You have at least 10 years of professional experience, ideally as Project and Product Manager

·         You are very structured and can conduct multiple projects in parallel until their successful completion

·         You are analytical and can understand the “big picture” among numerous information

·         You are communicative, with an “intrapreneur” mindset

·         Chameleon and empathetic, you can adapt your language to your audience (technical, sales…)

·         You can lead internal as well as external teams to reach the company goals

·         Knowledge of 3D CAD/CAE tools in an asset

·         You speak Dutch and English – French and/or German is an asset

Download the vacancy in PDF format here.


Ellen Dickens
HR manager


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Built-in fireplaces are fully built into the chimney and cannot be removed afterwards without major structural work. They are available with or without
a convection box and fans. Built-in fireplaces are generally fitted into newly
built chimneys. All normal maintenance work can be carried out via the door
opening. No crushing work is required.

Insert, cassette or inset fireplaces are made in a compact shape with a flat top so that they can be slided into an opening in the chimney. The frame of the appliance covers the opening. These appliances can be simply removed from the chimney later the same way without structural work. Built-in inserts are fitted with a convection box and often have fans as well. They are typically used in the replacement market and installed in existing chimneys, but can also be used in new build projects. All normal maintenance work can be carried out via the door opening. No structural work is needed for this.