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Our company

Headquartered in Weelde (near Turnhout), we develop and produce high quality cast iron wood-gas Stoves and Fireplaces. Our sister brand FERLEON focuses on high-end cast iron gas barbecues and cookware. Our company strives to set the standard for the ultimate indoor and outdoor living experience.

Our factories -in Belgium and Poland- offer a flexible production system and also produce a wide variety of cast iron parts and assemblies for various OEM’s (Industries): for stoves, cookware, home appliances, industrial machines, …

Dovre is an internationally renowned brand and is recognized for its quality, solidity, robustness and innovation in the field of heat technology, with highly efficient, environment friendly engineered products for the demanding end users/market.

Today, we are hiring a leading, inspiring, communicative and result-oriented colleague:

The function

As Sales Manager, you are in charge of all Dovre business lines.

You lead the sales, support and marketing team.

Your main goal is to increase profitable sales through a strategic and proactive approach of B2B Clients. You are member of the Management Team and report to the General Manager.

You manage:

  • support and develop directly our Dovre Stoves & Fireplaces’ existing exclusive importers in 20+ countries spread worldwide;
  • a team of 2 Key Account Managers in charge of the development of our industrial parts’ business (OEM), for international corporate companies;
  • a marketing, support and sales administration team (3 people).

In the Dovre Stoves & Fireplaces’ business line:

  • you define and defend ambitious annual objectives for your importers and ways to reach it
  • you challenge new or low performing importers

Curious by nature, you rapidly develop:

  • the right level of knowledge of Dovre businesses and its related markets;
  • a holistic view on the business lines and propose strategies to expand consistantly and durably.

As member of the Dovre Management Team, you actively collaborate with your colleagues Managers (especially Finance, HR, Production and Supply Chain) to build a structural and efficient inter-departments’ collaboration and and act as a real S&OP partner.

With your team:

  • you set up sound and pragmatic sales follow-up metrics and support methodologies in order to lead your team and importers to success (management by objectives)
  • you motivate them by sharing regularly and adequately information on the company’s projects and business status, so that they can see the “big picture” and be more effective
  • you encourage personal initiative, collaboration and a culture of thinking

Your Skills and Qualifications

  • You hold a master’s degree (engineering, business administration, commercial sciences, …);
  • Technical affinity is an asset (technical education or experience in a production organization)
  • 5-10 years of sales management experience;
  • You are an excellent people manager, with organizational, motivational and decision-making skills;
  • You are exemplary for your team;
  • “Client’s satisfaction” and “sense of urgency” are your mottos;
  • You are very structured and can lead multiple projects at the same time;
  • You are an excellent communicator and negotiator, with a “win-win” mindset;
  • You are a natural born “problem solver”, highly resistant to stress;
  • You speak Dutch, French and English

Our Offer

  • A company defined by genuine team spirit and nice colleagues with common sense, where a “Yes we can” mindset is highly appreciated;
  • A place where you will learn a lot and gain a valuable experience;
  • An attractive compensation and benefits package including numerous benefits.




Hi, what are you looking for?

Hallo, waar ben je naar op zoek?

Please make your choice

Which style do you prefer?

Maak alstublieft je keuze

Welke stijl heeft je voorkeur?

Built-in fireplaces are fully built into the chimney and cannot be removed afterwards without major structural work. They are available with or without
a convection box and fans. Built-in fireplaces are generally fitted into newly
built chimneys. All normal maintenance work can be carried out via the door
opening. No crushing work is required.

Insert, cassette or inset fireplaces are made in a compact shape with a flat top so that they can be slided into an opening in the chimney. The frame of the appliance covers the opening. These appliances can be simply removed from the chimney later the same way without structural work. Built-in inserts are fitted with a convection box and often have fans as well. They are typically used in the replacement market and installed in existing chimneys, but can also be used in new build projects. All normal maintenance work can be carried out via the door opening. No structural work is needed for this.

Ingebouwde haarden zijn volledig ingebouwd in de schoorsteen en kunnen achteraf niet zonder breek-werken worden verwijderd. Deze toestellen zijn zowel met als zonder convectiemantel of ventilatoren verkrijgbaar.

Inbouwhaarden worden doorgaans gebruikt in nieuw te bouwen schouwmantels. Alle standaard onderhoudswerkzaamheden aan het toestel kunnen gebeuren via de deuropening. Daarvoor moeten geen preekwerken worden uitgevoerd.

Inzethaarden (ook wel Cassettes of inserts genoemd) worden dankzij hun compacte vorm en blakke bovenkant in een opening in de open haard geschoven. De kader van het toestel dekt de opening af. Op dezelfde manier kunnen deze toestellen achteraf eenvoudig zonder breekwerken weer uit de schouwmantel worden verwijderd. Inzethaarden zijn uitgerust met een convectiekast en normaal ook vaak met ventilatoren.

Ze worden typisch gebruikt in de vervangingsmarkt en in bestaande schouwmantels geplaatst, maar kunnen ook voor nieuwbouwprojecten worden aangewend. Alle standaard onderhoudswerkzaamheden aan het toestel kunnen gebeuren via de deuropening.

Okay, a stove! Which fuel do you prefer?

Oké, een kachel! Welke brandstof heeft je voorkeur?