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Industrial Project Manager


We are looking for a seasoned

                                        INDUSTRIAL PROJECT MANAGER

for the installation of an electric cast iron melting unit (“smeltbedrijf”)

Project description

DOVRE is a manufacturer of equipment (wood stoves/fireplaces, Barbecues) and cast iron parts for industrial partners.

Our cast iron production plant (foundry) is located in Weelde, between Turnhout and the Dutch border.

We want to replace our cast iron melting unit (“smeltbedrijf” – 4 rotary gas furnaces of 20 tons each) with 2 electric furnaces and associated peripheral equipment, in order to improve our carbon footprint and production efficiency.

The potential players (suppliers) involved in the project have already been selected, on the basis of DOVRE’s production specifications.

The project will involve transformations and additions (buildings) to the existing site, which has been operational -from a production point of view- since 1980.

Tasks of the Project Manager

The Project Manager will be responsible for managing the project from start to finish, on time (+/- 1.5 years) and on budget.

The Project Manager will work on a daily basis together with our Head of Technical Services, who has a 30+ in-depth knowledge of the site’s configuration, equipment and peripheral services (electricity, water, gas…).

Main tasks:

  • General preparation and in-depth phasing of the project
  • Preparing, submitting and monitoring permit applications (local, regional, environmental, etc.)
  • Preparation, submission and follow-up of subsidy applications (VLAIO, VITO)
  • Integration of the different equipment’s elements for a smooth and automated A to Z operation
  • Coordination of the various parties involved in the project:
  • Electrical network manager / electrical installation
  • building general contractor (foundations, building modifications)
  • furnaces’ supplier
  • suppliers (or suppliers’ coordinator) of peripheral services/equipment (scrapyard, cranes/magnet, charge cars, additive dosing system, exhaust systems, cooling units & heat recuperation)
  • Preparing the operational transition from the current ovens to the new ovens
  • Full testing of the installed production unit
  • Ensure a safe execution of the project by supervising carefully the suppliers’ work on the construction site and the right safety accreditation of their workers & procedures


  • Master industrial or civil engineer
  • Proven track record in managing similar industrial projects
  • Good knowledge of medium voltage / low voltage electricity, MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and construction engineering
  • Knowledge or experience in metallurgic unit is an asset
  • Holistic approach to projects
  • Natural born “problem solver”, good resistance to stress
  • Sense of urgency is your motto
  • NL/English (full professional proficiency) – German is an asset

Freelance assignment (2024-25) – if you are qualified and interested, please send your detailed resume and project references to




Hi, what are you looking for?

Hallo, waar ben je naar op zoek?

Please make your choice

Which style do you prefer?

Maak alstublieft je keuze

Welke stijl heeft je voorkeur?

Built-in fireplaces are fully built into the chimney and cannot be removed afterwards without major structural work. They are available with or without
a convection box and fans. Built-in fireplaces are generally fitted into newly
built chimneys. All normal maintenance work can be carried out via the door
opening. No crushing work is required.

Insert, cassette or inset fireplaces are made in a compact shape with a flat top so that they can be slided into an opening in the chimney. The frame of the appliance covers the opening. These appliances can be simply removed from the chimney later the same way without structural work. Built-in inserts are fitted with a convection box and often have fans as well. They are typically used in the replacement market and installed in existing chimneys, but can also be used in new build projects. All normal maintenance work can be carried out via the door opening. No structural work is needed for this.

Ingebouwde haarden zijn volledig ingebouwd in de schoorsteen en kunnen achteraf niet zonder breek-werken worden verwijderd. Deze toestellen zijn zowel met als zonder convectiemantel of ventilatoren verkrijgbaar.

Inbouwhaarden worden doorgaans gebruikt in nieuw te bouwen schouwmantels. Alle standaard onderhoudswerkzaamheden aan het toestel kunnen gebeuren via de deuropening. Daarvoor moeten geen preekwerken worden uitgevoerd.

Inzethaarden (ook wel Cassettes of inserts genoemd) worden dankzij hun compacte vorm en blakke bovenkant in een opening in de open haard geschoven. De kader van het toestel dekt de opening af. Op dezelfde manier kunnen deze toestellen achteraf eenvoudig zonder breekwerken weer uit de schouwmantel worden verwijderd. Inzethaarden zijn uitgerust met een convectiekast en normaal ook vaak met ventilatoren.

Ze worden typisch gebruikt in de vervangingsmarkt en in bestaande schouwmantels geplaatst, maar kunnen ook voor nieuwbouwprojecten worden aangewend. Alle standaard onderhoudswerkzaamheden aan het toestel kunnen gebeuren via de deuropening.

Okay, a stove! Which fuel do you prefer?

Oké, een kachel! Welke brandstof heeft je voorkeur?