Tom Gehem CEO


Dovre NV of Belgium is a family owned company that specialises in the development, production and sales of fireplaces and stoves in high quality cast iron. The company has been a reference for cast iron for already many years. Dovre products are best known for their quality and attractive design, high efficiency and environmentally responsible combustion. These performance parameters, which are well above international standards, are the result of a great deal of professional expertise and commitment. Dovre stands for authentic warmth with real flames, and for tastefully designed products that will suit any living room. The company keeps investing in the creation of individual warming products that meet the strictest environmental standards worldwide!


Dovre fireplaces and stoves have their origins in the harsh winters of the far north. They have been proving their exceptional quality day after day for more than 80 years. Over the past years, Dovre products have gained an iron-clad reputation for innovative heating technology in our part of the world as well. Hundreds of thousands of people are already enjoying the cosy warmth and comfort of a Dovre in their living room. Dovre stoves and fireplaces are made of the perfect heat conductor: high quality cast iron.

Cast iron the way that only Dovre makes it: our own foundry goes for quality!

Since Dovre built a state-of-the-art foundry in Belgium in the early 1980s, Dovre has also gained a strong position in the supply market: the high degree of automation of the foundry for castings with a low wall thickness and up to a weight of approximately 30 kg. Our castings are characterised not only by their stability of shape and high dimensional accuracy, but also by the aesthetics of their surface structure, which, thanks to their ultra-fine form and installation, guarantees a perfect finish. The Dovre foundry has specialised in the production of large series, which is why it is the ideal partner for high-quality cast iron. In addition, Dovre has extensive processing and assembly facilities at its disposal, as well as a highly equipped sheet metal working installation and an ultramodern enamelling installation.