General Terms and Conditions of Sale

General Terms and Conditions of Sale  (July 2021)

DOVRE NV/SA – General Terms and Conditions of Sale – B2B (”business-to-business”) 

DOVRE NV/SA – General Terms and Conditions of Sale – B2B (”business-to-business”)
1. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all orders placed with our company. The Customer is deemed to accept them by the simple fact of his order.

2. Sales decisions and offers made by our representatives are valid only when confirmed by us in writing.

3. Our invoices are payable at our headquarters. This right is equally applicable where we draw on a bill of exchange.

4. Payment shall be made in ”cash on delivery”, unless otherwise agreed.

5. Where our invoices remain unpaid by the due date, we are entitled to charge a rate of interest of 15% per annum, ipso jure and without written reminder, payable
as of the invoice date. An administrative fee of 25 euro shall be added for any reminder sent to the Customer.

6. Even in cases where the purchaser has only partially paid an invoice by the due date, DOVRE shall retain the right to terminate the contract.

7. Delivery conditions are ex-works (EXW) DOVRE, Weelde, Belgium, unless otherwise defined by DOVRE. In case of exportation of the goods outside of the EU, the
Customer shall provide to DOVRE the final destination and all necessary documents proving their effective exportation.

8. Once DOVRE has informed the Customer that his goods are available for delivery, this latter has 5 (five) working days to pick it up. Passed that delay, DOVRE will
have the right to invoice the full amount of the goods, and the associated payment term shall start. (**)

9. Complaints lodged by the purchaser as to the quality or quantity of the goods will be accepted only when received in writing within a period of 8 days. The
Customer’s payment obligations shall not be suspended by the lodging of a complaint, even one that is evidently justified, concerning the goods in question or any
other goods.

10. Discrepancies in the amount of units delivered must be mentioned at the time of delivery. A deviation of +/-5% in the quantities effectively delivered (vs ordered)
shall be deemed acceptable by the Customer. Invoicing will be in accordance with the quantity of units actually delivered. (*) (**)

11. Delivery dates are indicative only, and are not binding to us, unless stipulated otherwise.

12. The court of Turnhout, Belgium, shall have sole jurisdiction in any dispute arising by virtue of these terms and conditions. The Belgian law shall apply.

13. Retention of title : It is expressly agreed between parties that all goods belonging to DOVRE will remain so until payment is received in full.
All advance payments made to DOVRE will be laid aside as compensation for the use of the goods to which they refer.

14. In case of price variations by at least 5% incurred by DOVRE in -but not limited to- exchange rates, material prices, energy costs, wage costs, transport costs
and/or other costs associated with the Customer’s order, DOVRE has the right to adjust its pricing accordingly.

15. In all other cases, the General Conditions of Contracting defined by the European Foundry Association shall apply (

(*) not applicable to Importers/Wholesalers of DOVRE stoves, fireplaces and inserts/FERLEON products
(**) not applicable to Retailers of DOVRE stoves, fireplaces and inserts/FERLEON products


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Built-in fireplaces are fully built into the chimney and cannot be removed afterwards without major structural work. They are available with or without
a convection box and fans. Built-in fireplaces are generally fitted into newly
built chimneys. All normal maintenance work can be carried out via the door
opening. No crushing work is required.

Insert, cassette or inset fireplaces are made in a compact shape with a flat top so that they can be slided into an opening in the chimney. The frame of the appliance covers the opening. These appliances can be simply removed from the chimney later the same way without structural work. Built-in inserts are fitted with a convection box and often have fans as well. They are typically used in the replacement market and installed in existing chimneys, but can also be used in new build projects. All normal maintenance work can be carried out via the door opening. No structural work is needed for this.